Friday, March 17, 2006

Seeing Green with St. Patrick

Is it St. Patrick's Day already? Well, the girls loaded up the lipstick and ambushed various military servicemen at today's annual parade. With the exceptional weather predicted this weekend, the city is estimating at least 300,000 people visiting here from out of town and tonight I'm guessing most of them will be on River Street happily and/or unconsciously shelling out lots of money. In other words, the equation is as follows: Friday parade plus sunny weather equals big weekend bucks.

Barring any unforseen catastrophes, this already is and is going to continue to be a great weekend for the city of Savannah. I think General Oglethorpe would be completely baffled to know that the English colony he set out to develop has turned into a college spring break destination during an Irish holiday.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

New School Meets Old School

After what seemed like an interminable construction period, the Jepson Center opened to the public this weekend. I loved the almost feels like a small version of the Getty in LA, minus the mountain view of Bel Air homes. Everyone knows Savannah loves to hold onto the past, but now this shows it's interest in being part of the modern world. This has already had a huge impact on the west downtown district and the landscape is only going to change even more with the upcoming Ellis Square revival. Onwards with the continuing Savannah renaissance, I say!