Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back Melodically

Let the games begin! Perhaps the greatest limitless empire in The States, American Idol enters season 6 with a bang! Like all of America, I too am glued to the trials and tribulations of ambitious young singers striving for a shortcut in life by becoming overnight successes. I'm telling you, those Stevie Wonder songs are just so catchy no matter who's singing.

Let's not forget though one of Idol's great trailblazers William Hung. He was after all the one who made it cool to be bad. Before that, being bad just guaranteed you a place in the trash bin of society. At least he turned it into a sort-of talent recycling bin.

Here we have William Hung and Yao Ming, two influential ambassadors to our Chinese race. Chuckle if you will but I'll take them over Paris Hilton representation any day....

Monday, January 8, 2007

Gator Dynasty!

Estatic. I am estatic. After dropping my jaw during the opening kickoff touchdown by Ohio State, I watched the Gators proceed to dominate the rest of the game towards a ridiculous 41-14 victory! First a championship in basketball, now football...even Emmit Smith (a Gator alumni) holds the current championship for Dancing with the Stars! Is it too soon to call this the Year of the Gator?

And what was the deal with that Ohio State marching band halftime show?? The theme song to the Titanic? The performance was made even more strange by the band members marching in unision to form the shape of a steamliner (once believed to be invincible) sinking into a giant blue tarp. Talk about symbolism. Baffled. I was baffled.