Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal House Midnight Movie Poster

animal house poster chris hsu jacksonvilleBe on the lookout for the May issue of EU Jacksonville for this promo for a late night showing of "Animal House" at Jacksonville's 5 Points Theatre. I had a lot of fun with reinterpreting the iconic John Belushi aka "Bluto" Blutarsky in a humorous, contemporary style apart from the ubiquitous "College" sweater image of him. Printed posters should also appear around town so keep your eye out for those as well. I had never actually seen "Animal House" prior to doing the sketches for this assignment but having seen it now I can see why it certainly has cemented its place in American pop culture, essentially setting precedents for college party genre movies that are made even still today.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Taipei Subway (MRT) Poster Contest

Even though this news is a few weeks old, I'm happy to say my entry for the Taipei MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) poster contest was a winning finalist. The contest was to illustrate one of eight different rules of subway courtesy or safety (ex. giving up your seat to the elderly, refraining from smoking or eating, etc.) with the only parameters being a size requirement. I worked on the "using cel phones tactfully" category because it's a personal peeve of mine. Using animals prevalent in Asian folklore I tried to make an image that appealed to the masses, yet didn't appear overtly preachy in tone.

Having been born in Taipei, Taiwan it's fun to be able to now have my art go on display there.