Saturday, June 4, 2005

Bobo's Wardrobe

I went back to Jacksonville for a few days to find out that Bobo the yorkie had acquired himself some new duds. As you can see, he's stylin' now with a very extensive wardrobe.

1. Bobo has Star Wars fever! Though he has a Clonetrooper, Bobo actually prefers Chewbacca because he thinks he's a good role model for furry creatures everywhere.
2. This Hello Kitty ensemble sports a useless yet adorable pocket on the backside.
3. I call this the Burberry Priest outfit...a Burberry collar and a black shirt.
4. This is his Preppy Popeye look. And no, he probably won't eat spinach.
5. Eep! What'd you do with the potatoes? This outfit is a little more artsy than the others.
6. Lastly, I like to call this his Marty McFly Life Preserver Vest (from Back to the Future).

I also went to Atlanta for a few days this week where I fully enjoyed the company of Korean cuisine...namely Korean BBQ. This picture is funny because it fails to mention the two guys sitting on the other side of the table. I just thought it looked funnier cropped this way. It looks like one of those Japanese eating competition shows on tv.

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