Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back to 1991: The Ride

What? "Back to the Future: The Ride" is closing forever?? Well, I suppose it was inevitable, considering the ride is over 15 years old and the new generation of audience is totally out of touch with the movie. Sad am I, but I too understand business is business. They gotta keep up with modern demands. No more will we be able to chase Biff through time in a simulated Delorean. The ride always gave me a headache too, but the way I figured it actual time travel would probably have had much worse side-effects...

So my sister and I took pictures in front of the ride this past weekend one last time. Rumors are it'll be replaced by a Simpsons ride, which if true sounds promising. On a side note...the Mummy ride is grreat! On the subject of Back to the Future closing, I think the Mummy said it best when he constantly and violently screamed during the ride, "Death is only the BEGINNING!!!!"

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