Friday, May 25, 2007

Branding Idol

Talk about marketability! Yes, I'm talking about you, Jordin Sparks. Not only does she now boast the most gigantic smile in showbiz, she has the talent to back it up. Her young age will allow teens to relate to her, yet her mature appearance will draw in older fans as well. She found a good balance between humility and confidence during the season which made her well-liked among all. She will be well-received by different ethnic groups, though that's really dependent on how the big wigs brand her. Simon and his gang are no doubt estatic to turn this blank mold into something big and lucrative.

I mean, what marketer wouldn't love to have a product with a huge fan base way before the product is even for sale??

The American Idol formula is invincible. The machine rolls on and I gotta say, it's entertaining. And for the record, I was indeed a Jordin fan this season. Some of those kids just looked like a bunch of noobs next to her...

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