Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Getting ambitious in the short time I have left in California this summer. This is a spot I've been scoping since three summers ago but felt a little intimidated by it. Everyone has some "thing" that calls to them, whether it's a hill you itch to climb, a pair of shoes you yearn to buy, or even a show you gotta Tivo. This is how I feel about this spot. The large sheet of drawing paper practically blinded me today since there was no overhead canopy of any kind, but twenty or so minutes was plenty to throw down a perspective and proportions study to bring back to my room...

In the meantime, my pedestrian walkway painting is wrapping up as well as this Gum Grove one (seen here in early stages.) There's still a few compositions around Seal Beach I'd like to tackle but that might just end up being for another day.

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