Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ft. Mountain Landscape Sketch

On the drive back down from Ohio to Florida, I made a couple stops including one in Dalton, GA to visit a friend. While she was away at work one day, I ventured out around the small town and saw signs for "Ft. Mountain State Park" which sounded pretty interesting, so I followed them thinking it was just down the street. About 30 minutes later I realized I had actually driven up a mountain to get to it. I thought the "Mountain" was a nickname, but it turns out the "Fort" part of the name is actually the nickname.

Venturing around the park I found great overlooks, pristine forests, massive rock formations, and two mysterious stone structures believed to have been built by natives. With my easel and paints already in the car, I decided to try a small 5x7 landscape sketch even though the midday lighting wasn't exactly producing very inspiring compositions. I set up at the East Overlook on a viewing platform and about an hour later came up with what technically is my first ever painting of mountains now that I think about it...

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