Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boston Adventures

Latest update EVER. I moved to Boston back in February to start a stint with Clambake Animation as a background artist on an upcoming animated series. Here's a description from the official Adult Swim May 2011 press release:

"Tight Bros is a new animated comedy that follows two moronic "clergybros" who are on a quest for fat beats, hot chicks and tricked out cell phones. Vince and Aaron were called by God to spread a holy message: one of peace, love and tearin' up the club. By day the two sell religious kitsch at a kiosk in Viceroy Del Sol mall. By night they hunt for babes, but only with mega tans and super smooth waxes in place. Premiering in the spring of 2012, Tight Bros is created and written and executive produced by Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil."

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