Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mars Rover "Curiosity" Blasts Off!

I think with all the amazing technological advancements that we have here in our daily lives like tablets and GPS as well as the out of this world, fictional technology in modern movies, it's so easy to take for granted that humans ACTUALLY have the technology to send unmanned rovers to a distant planet in real life. It's not even the launch that blows me away but more so the technology that allows for a foreign object to land safely on Mar's surface. NASA's constant ability to "wow" on a large scale is why they're the testament of what is possible through collective human ingenuity. Can't wait to see pictures from the surface when Curiosity lands in August 2012.

Also, if you've never been to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida I highly, highly recommend it. Not a tourist trap by any means; it's an actual working facility that just happens to open it's doors to visitors to learn more about what they do. Seeing the old Saturn rocket in person will really give you an appreciation for the old school astronauts who were willing to strap themselves into a literal bomb for the pursuit of science!

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