Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Odyssey Magazine: "A Road Map of Taste"

New illustration in this month's Odyssey Magazine - a cute little spot to accompany an article about how the brain determines tastes and splits them into the five main categories. Reminds me of being little and going to EPCOT's "Wonders of Life" pavilion (which sadly closed in 2007.)

chris hsu illustration

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  1. So far, a rather interesting illustration, and I agree it's cute. It's even eyebrow raising that I like this illustrative take on the body since the Cranium Command effect.
    Speaking of Wonders of Lofe at Epcot, I have an enthusiast's blog, even with draft ideas on what I would do if there was opportunity to bring back the pavilion. A survey is even up and running for your views, but be careful, it'll go into too much detail. WOL4EVA, signing off!