Monday, July 9, 2012

Boston MFA Sketches: July 4th Week

To the left are sketches done from some John Singer Sargent mural studies on view in the main Rotunda. Would love to see some more of them in person, so hopefully they'll rotate out some in the near future.

To the right are studies of pairs of hands from various John Singleton Copley paintings on view in the American Wing.

Monday, July 2, 2012

SIGGRAPH: New England Art Institute

Thank you to the New England AI chapter of SIGGRAPH for inviting me along with my colleague Jordan Barney to come give a presentation to its members about working in animation. We gave a talk to a group of 40+ students and alumni of various majors on topics including a day in the life of the industry and the general animation process/cycle, as well as showing still art and clips from some recent Clambake Animation pilots and series production. We forgot to show one particular Clambake short for RegenEnergy which I am posting below for anyone who didn't see it when I played it during some post-talk one on ones. It's by Jordan Barney and Chad Hanna, and in my opinion a good example to how 2D animation is still in many ways more visually appealing than 3D.

Thanks to everyone who came out...I hope you all took a little something away from the presentation!