Monday, July 2, 2012

SIGGRAPH: New England Art Institute

Thank you to the New England AI chapter of SIGGRAPH for inviting me along with my colleague Jordan Barney to come give a presentation to its members about working in animation. We gave a talk to a group of 40+ students and alumni of various majors on topics including a day in the life of the industry and the general animation process/cycle, as well as showing still art and clips from some recent Clambake Animation pilots and series production. We forgot to show one particular Clambake short for RegenEnergy which I am posting below for anyone who didn't see it when I played it during some post-talk one on ones. It's by Jordan Barney and Chad Hanna, and in my opinion a good example to how 2D animation is still in many ways more visually appealing than 3D.

Thanks to everyone who came out...I hope you all took a little something away from the presentation!

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  1. Wow, that is really spectacular. Thanks for sharing it. Seeing things like this make it a lot easier to know that I'm making the right call by following my heart down the 2d path.