Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beef Toungue Taco

I sure am getting used to this whole hiking thing...

Escondido Falls in Malibu required a bit of rock climbing and stream hopping but the reward was well worth it. The first mile of the trail was down the paved road of a extravagant mountain-top neighborhood, which made it a little awkward when rich people drove by wondering why two haggard Asians were mulling through their streets. After a steep climb that even a mountain goat would be proud of,we reached the second tier of the falls (as seen in the picture above.)

Afterwards Viki and I went to La Playita...a totally ghettoed-out Mexican food joint literally on the side of the road in Santa Monica. You can either take food to go or sit on side and eat it. Of course, I let Viki order in Spanish so that they knew we were on their side. Don't let the ghetto appearance fool you though because the food is so fresh, authentic, and delicious. Today I had a beef tounge taco amongst my order which I enjoyed thoroughly.

The day before Escondido Falls, I continued painting at Gum Grove Park in absolute isolation. The park is overrun by eucalyptus trees which really makes for a nice minty aroma when the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, when the wind is blowing though, my canvas turns into a damn sail. No koala sightings yet by the way...

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