Thursday, August 18, 2005

Norton Simon, Pasadena CA

Luckily, I found out of the existence of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena before I left SoCalf for the summer. Free admission and free parking for a museum are very hard to come by in this area. I'm not a huge fan of Renoir but this has always been my favorite Renoir painting in books, probably because it's less "Renoir" than his popular syle. That sure makes sense, doesn't it?

Other highlights for me included a Cezanne portrait of "Uncle Dominique," a large Daubigny landscape, some small Boudin beach scenes, a Van Gogh portrait of an old guy, and a Rubens "David vs. Goliath" which was hands down just plain ridiculous.

After learning the underrated science of artmaking, Susanna took me to a Taiwanese restaurant in San Marino. EVERYTHING about that place was so Taiwanese I completely forgot I was in California until we went back outside. Even one of the girls working there was wearing a bootleg Burberry apron. (And yes, I made Susanna do that completely fobby pose...)

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