Monday, August 22, 2005

Coldplay at Irvine, CA

I had no idea Chris Martin was such a stand-up comic. He was cracking jokes left and right and flying all over the stage while he sung. I always imagined he would just sit there like Liam from Oasis but there was so much energy beaming from the stage. The show was well worth the hassle of getting to the doubt about that and the band kept making it perfectly clear that they appreciated the fans. I could NOT, however, believe people were actually getting drunk there off of $12 beer.

Click on any of the songs below to see a video clip. I had a really good one of "Yellow" but hastily erased it at the concert thinking it was a fuzzy still photo...

The Scientist
Johnny Cash Ring of Fire
Can't recall song title just yet...
In My Place
Fix You

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