Sunday, May 21, 2006

SCAD Style L'Etoile Gala

Yesterday was the first ever gala of this type at the SCADlanta campus, organized to raise funds for the Lacoste scholarship. Various students of various majors were asked to demonstrate and/or entertain wealthy donors prior to their elaborately decorated dinner. As cool as it would have been for us volunteers to eat rabbit and salmon like the guests, we instead had lasagna downstairs on tables not lined with blue neon...

I figured a fun way to artistically entertain the people would be to sketch them furtively as they lingered about in our room. Some watched as I drew oblivious others. Even more amusing was when some were suddenly surprised to see themselves in my book, which was sprawled out on a table.

Click here to see a clip of the Performing Arts department singing a little post-dinner song for P-Dub and the gang.

So "etoile" means star in French? I guess that explains the hanging lights in the dining room. All in all a fun night...

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