Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Massacre and a Tea Party

Summer in SoCal took a little detour into NY and Boston where my cousin was looking at potential colleges. I donned the role of chauffer during the trip, but was able to get my fix of fine art in the area. While the fam was mingling around Columbia and NYU, I took to the Met again. Ah, here we have one of my favorite Monet's "La Grenouillere." I was also really into Manet's "Matador" this time around for some reason.

Boston on the other hand was completely new to me. It is as far as I'm concerned as beautiful a city as everyone claims it to be. Numerous campus tours prevented me from going to the Fine Arts Museum, but I did make it a point to peek into the Public Library to see the Sargent murals. Overall, Boston was great. It's also the only city where you can have both a massacre and a tea party...

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