Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spring Breakdown: Day 2

Day two begins with the huge swooping crane camera shot over the pool. By the way, our hotel pool is never nearly this crowded and in reality it is probably grossly over fire code capacity. I used to think they just let extras run around and be natural but the process is actually an intentionally orchestrated movement of characters. In other news, I may have surreptitiously weaseled my way into the background of this shot but I'll have to wait until the final movie comes out to see if I made it in.

Off to the side of the pool is the table where the main characters sit, fully clothed and completely shying away from the spring break action. In observing the movie making process today, I learned that actors actually do a lot of sitting and waiting around while frantic crew set up shots and lighting. In this photo we have Sarah Hagan, Amber Tamblyn (aka Joan of Arcadia) and Parker Posey chatting with the director between takes. If you want to see more pics, contact me. In the meantime, enjoy the new video clips below.

Click here to watch the camera crane shot in action.
Click here to see a take of the "nerdy" characters acting nerdy.
Click here to see an actual take with Dratch, Poehler, and Pyle.
Click here for the "cut" portion of the scene above.

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