Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lane Kiffin Napalms Tennessee

lane kiffin illustration tennessee chris hsuHere's a VERY quick illustration based off a Chris Low ESPN.com article where he writes:

"Let's face it: For all Kiffin's talk about leaving Tennessee in better shape than he found it, the reality is that he absolutely napalmed the place.

At last count, he had one more win at Tennessee than he did secondary violations, and he left behind an NCAA cloud that's still hovering."

At least the other so-called traitors to their players such as Rich Rodriguez or Brian Kelly actually improved their programs before skipping out of town on the greenback. And now what's this about Kiffin wrecking the Lexus leased to him by the University? This has to get the all-time award for most unintentional yet accurate use of symbolism ever to describe a coaching tenure.

All I'm hoping for out of this is a Tennessee-USC bowl game matchup or something next year. Now THAT would be entertaining.

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  1. Cool sketch, ESPN should attach this to the article on their website!