Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boston Rob Spaces Out for a Moment

On tonight's episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Boston Rob seemed to have had an unconscious, out of body, and hallucinating experience. With as much time as these folk spend out in the jungle, I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often...

Getting the axe tonight was tough gal Stephanie in an awkward and confrontational tribal council. Let's not miss the bigger picture here though. As if Episode 1 wasn't edited already to make her look like a tough gal dislocating her shoulder and popping it back in place, it was late revealed by behind-the-sceners that she in fact did so, and THEN returned to the wrestling challenge. For some reason they edited it so it appeared the dislocation sidelined her for the rest of the match. Tough gal indeed!



  1. I really like your sketches, I came across them while reading comments to jeff probst's blog about survivor!

    Keep up the good work :)