Friday, September 14, 2012

Boston MFA Sketches: August

Here's a sketch dump of some stuff compiled from a few trips to the MFA. On the little reading baby statues I stuck my arm out to measure proportions with my pencil and a lout beep alarm went off...I hate when that happens because everyone in the room turns and looks at you on top of the guard already glaring at you from across the room.

I recently discovered the MFA's "Sketching in the Galleries" event which takes place every Wednesday and allows you to sketch in a supervised group in various locations in the ACTUAL galleries. It's not off in some random classroom, but in the galleries next to all the amazing works of art. There's something very cool about drawing from a model right in the middle of a museum while guests are walking around thinking they have just accidentally stumbled onto a class in session. This particular model did sessions ranging from one to twenty minutes mostly of pretty nice, arching poses.

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