Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan

Shad Khan illustration by Chris Hsu
Just started sketching around and experimenting today with some mark making using Shad Khan, the new owner of my hometown Jacksonville Jaguars, as the subject matter. I had just read the Forbes article about him, his background and his commitment and vision for the team moving forward. I can certainly admire someone who's life story is essentially based on not taking the easy way out and building up things from nothing, and the Jaguars are definitely the place to do that. Jacksonville has all the ingredients to be an internationally recognized city and sports franchise, but in terms of sports mediocre season after mediocre season has just deterred any of that from happening.

In the illustration I gave him an appearance of optimism - the same optimism I share about our team and what it can do for the progress of city that I grew up in.

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